Friday, April 19, 2013


Wednesday afternoon, my mom called and asked if I wanted to go see Wicked with her that night and of course I said YES!!! I've wanted to see Wicked for such a long time. When I worked with the church youth back in the early to mid 2000's, I had some girls that had the Wicked soundtrack and they got me hooked so yes, I knew all the words to the songs before I had seen the show. Backwards right? I warned my Mom that I would be singing through the show - ha!

We got to Fair Park a little early and walked around. I had never been to the Music Hall before so it was nice to walk and look around. Some people were very dressed up for the performance so it was fun to see all the fancy dresses.

Me and my Mom in front of the fountain. So glad I got to go with her!

There is a beautiful chandelier there also that changes color. The buffet is in the background and all the food looked really good.

We finally found a Wicked poster to take our picture with but the lighting was so bad. We tried with the flash too but it didn't look better - we looked flushed but that's ok. I didn't bring my regular camera so the iPhone had to do. I still love it!

I was so thrilled to get the Playbill and find our seats for the show. We were center, front row balcony and the view was great.

Right before the show started - this is a picture of the stage. The show promptly started at 7:30 pm and for 3 hours I was so entertained. Everyone was correct who said this musical was Amazing! These girls and boys could sing! I'm so glad I've gotten to see it now! Even better that I got to share this experience with my Mom! I hope it's still around when Mallory is older so we can go see it together too!

And now I'll be singing the soundtrack to Wicked all weekend long. Just you and iiiiiiiiiiii Defying Gravity!!

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Lyndsey said...

So fun! I too have heard the soundtrack for years thanks to friends, but have never seen the show!