Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: March 1-3, 2013

Happy Monday to You! It's March and I'm so ready for Spring-like weather! To prepare, I told Brian that this past weekend, we would Spring clean. Our house needed a good cleaning so I started little Friday night and then we both this the ground cleaning Saturday morning!

Our little Miss kept herself entertained for most of the time. I gave her a strawberry smoothie for the first time to see if she would like it and she did! And then, it spilled all over her so she got to strip down. While I was cleaning her room, I moved her changing pad to the floor and she decided to move it to her kitchen so she would have something comfortable to stand on while cooking :)

Around lunchtime, we got some visitors! My Mom and nieces stopped by to eat their lunch and say hi! Mallory had already eaten but still needed to sit in Nana's lap and help eat hers! It was so fun to see them, even it was a quick visit!

Saturday evening, after showering so I didn't smell like Pine-Sol, we headed to Outback Steakhouse to eat with our friends, The Crowells. We had some gift cards to Outback so we were ready to enjoy a good meal after a hard-working Saturday!

We did have a little photo shoot with Kinsley and Mallory outside the restaurant. Sweet friends!

After eating we headed to Carters to get some new clothes for Mallory. She has grown out of most of her 18 month clothes and needs 24 months in everything now. I got her a couple of cute things on clearance including a dress that she wore to church Sunday.

Sunday morning, she stood still for just a sec for me to try and get a picture

And then Daddy picked her up and I got this precious photo of them both:

Daddy/Daughter Love

After church Sunday, the church had a lunch for the deacons and their families so we got to eat with our friends, The McIntires.

Brynn loved her banana pudding and Mallory loved going over to Brynn and holding her hand! 

After Sunday naps, we headed to old co-worker, Mika's, house for a goodbye party for her and her husband, Drew. They are moving to Denver so I went to see them a lot of my old co-workers that I miss seeing!

It was such a fun time to catch-up with my Women of Faith friends and they were so excited to see Mallory again.

When we got home, we started watching the 1st episode of the miniseries "The Bible"

And now another week begins! One more week and then Spring Break! Have a wonderful week!

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Lyndsey said...

Yay for Spring Break eve week! I hope it goes by FAST so we can play! I mean so our kids can play. No I don't :)