Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project: Video Organization

So while I've been working on Project: Photo Organization, I've also been trying to make sure I have all of our videos saved. We don't have a regular video camera, just our flip camera and our iPhones but with both of those, we've been able to capture all of firsts and fun moments of Mallory growing up. 

I've saved our photos on Shutterfly as well as on our external hard drive - I guess I'm paranoid but I say, better safe than sorry so with the videos, I've got them all saved on our hard drive but I did upload a lot to YouTube on my private settings and have them there too in case something happened to the hard drive. Am I crazy, yes but it's been fun uploading them all and looking back at all the videos. Here are some of my favorites and I might have shed a few tears as I watched a lot of these videos for the first time in a long time. 

*Note: Please excuse the crazy mom and dad voices in these videos - you know, the ones behind the camera trying to get the child to do something :)

Mallory's 1st Bath - I had no clue what I was doing but I think she's turned out ok b/c she still loves bathtime!

I love this video of my Mom singing to Mallory

Mallory saying her first word's: bye-bye. Of course she said it a million times before I got the camera out, and then it took forever for her to say it again. It always happens that way, right?

Mallory's first steps! I hate that it was so dark but I'm so glad we got it on video.

Everyone singing to Mallory at her first birthday party

Mallory at the library. We loved going with Lyndsey, Liam, Tracey and Max. I never knew what she was going to do and as you can tell, at the end of the video, I say uh-oh because she found a sippy cup in someone's purse

And lately, more bath time fun. Hi!!

There's some of my favorites - of course there are many more but I figured those would just be the ones I would like to look at over and over :) I love watching old movies of me and my brothers growing up and I hope Mallory will like to look back on these when she's older too!

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oh my gosh, that little baby face!!! growing.too.fast