Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To the Chiro we Go

Yesterday after work, Mallory and I headed to meet Auntie, Caleb and Cade at the Chiropractor's office. Stephanie had told us how much going to the chiropractor had helped all of them and she thought Mallory would really benefit from it. And there is no charge for kids under 2 so we took her advice and headed to meet them yesterday.

We went back and after we watched Auntie, Caleb and Cade each get adjusted (lots of crackling), it was Mallory's turn. I was only nervous because Mallory now has a fear of doctors. She knows that when we go they are going to poke and prod her until they find out what's wrong and she does not like that at all. Who does? Before we started, the Doctor asked what Mallory's biggest problem was and I told him she always has a persistent cough - whether it be because of allergies or I think asthma. He said he would definitely try to help and explained that he could try and loosen up her airways so in case there was a gas bubble or re flux, his adjustment could hopefully help clear that all up. After hearing that, I set Mallory up on the table (she had my iPhone in her hand to get her focus off the doctor) and the next thing we know, he was done. It was quick and painless and Mallory only cried at the end when he picked her up.

I'm really hopeful that going to him once a week will help her. And I might even get cracked while I'm there too next time. Everybody I know says they always feel much better after they visit the chiropractor. 

Mallory is always happy to see cousin Cade

Waiting to go back to see the Dr.

It was funny too that we saw our friend Officer McIntire (I call him that because he pulled up on his motorcycle and had just written a ticket to a 70 year old lady speeding in a school zone :) ), two co-workers of mine and other friends waiting to go back to see the doctor. Who knew the chiro was such a popular guy? Not me, but now I do!

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