Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bathtime Routine

I know I've mentioned it before but Mallory loves bath time! I wanted to capture some pictures during bath time so I could remember this fun time when she gets older. 

When I turn the water on to get the bath going, Mallory usually stands looking into the bathtub waiting to get in. For Christmas, she got some bath toys and some letters that stick to the tub when they are wet and she loves playing with all of them.

She usually grabs the Dickey's cup when she gets in. Yes, we use the cup for pouring water on her hair to wet it and wash it. It was the first cup we grabbed when we realized we needed something to use for pouring :)

Then there is a lot of playing with the letters and talking, more talking and more talking. She has a lot to say when she gets in the tub!

I love styling her hair when it has shampoo in it. This night, she picked up the letter E so I was trying to explain that E was for Estes. I'm pretty sure she got it :)

After washing her hair, she knows it's close to time to getting out so she thinks she needs to look at her reflection and then play with the faucet. We then pick up all the toys and letters and she watches the water drain. 

Once I wrap her up in the down, it's time to brush her teeth

 She loves to try and help brush her teeth. She loves the taste of the toothpaste and tries to eat it more than brush her teeth. Good times!

I run the towel through her hair and then let her run naked for a minute to air out. She Loves This! 

The first picture cracks me up because as soon as I set her down, she is off. Thankfully, she hasn't had many accidents without the diaper on but she isn't all natural very long.

Next, it's pajama time and and then getting ready for bedtime.

We are usually in meltdown mode and ready for bed as you can tell.

I'm loving these times and routines with my little girl!

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