Friday, March 22, 2013

More Spring Break Photos

Last week was the first real Spring Break I've had since I was in college in (cough, cough) 2004 but I couldn't wait to have the week off and be with Mallory. As you can tell from the previous posts, we got to do some fun things but we did a lot more and here are some more pics from our fun week!

Sunday night, after we got back from Holly Lake Ranch, we headed to celebrate our friend Cooper's birthday.

That meant these three friends got to see each other again. Actually Emmalyn and Kinsley are cousins but I consider myself Julie & Jill's other sister so we will say Mallory is an honorary cousin :) I love seeing these three girls together because Julie, Jill and I grew up together and I can't wait to see these three grow up together.

Monday morning, I got to go have a physical. Yay me. So I took Mallory to daycare and went to my appt. Since Mallory was at daycare, Brian and I got to have lunch alone together and then, I went and got a mani/pedi. It was glorious and my feet are so ready for Yellowbox Flip-flop weather!

Tuesday, we went to the Indoor Safari Park and then after naps headed to our friend Brettni's house for a playdate with friends.


Love all these kiddos.

Wednesday, we stayed at home in our pajamas. We watched movies, played and then after nap time, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day

Mallory wanted to eat her snack outside so I moved one of her chairs from her table out there and she loved it. 

After a bath and getting back in her pajamas, Mallory decided she wanted to try and put on her shoes. Poor thing tries so hard to get her shoes on each time but she still hasn't gotten it. She then begged me to put her boots on with her pajamas, which I did. I think it goes together, right?

Thursday morning, we headed over to another play date and then for lunch, headed to McDonalds to see family

My aunt had her grandkids so Mallory got to play with her cousins, Karlie and Kaylynn. Mallory loves this McDonalds and loves to slide down the slide so we all know she had a great time.

Friday, Brian took the day off and we enjoyed the day together. Friday night, we headed to eat at Fish Camp because our good friend from my hometown, Joyce, was in town.


I love it when we all get together. Makes my heart happy to be with our families!

Saturday, Mallory and I got up and headed to East Texas for a quick visit to see one of my best friends from high school, Melissa and her 5 week old  baby girl, Ella Beth.

Mallory loved seeing her and it was a great time meeting Ella and catching up with Melissa. I'm so thankful we still have a close friendship after high school.

This week, I did work with Mallory in saying Please and she's got it! She points to her mouth when she says it because when she would ask for something, I would point to my mouth and tell her to say please so now she does that too. I love hearing her say Peeeease :) How will her Father ever say no to her now??

Somebody asked me how my break was and to tell you the truth, it was wonderful. It was really just what I needed - getting to see so many friends and family as well as getting to nap when Mallory napped each day was great! Also, getting to do so many things with Mallory this past week just filled my heart. We had the best time together and I'm so glad Brian took off Friday so we could have the 3 day weekend together. A blessed woman, I am!

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