Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day and I was really happy it was on a Sunday because I couldn't wait for Mallory wear this green dress that was passed down by her friend, Karlyn Ivey.

We took this picture before we headed to church. I love the dress and I love her in it! I thought she looked so beautiful!

I do have to do a flashback to 2012 - her 1st St. Patrick's Day. We had a play date at our friend Brettni's house and this picture was by far my favorite picture of her of the year

I can't help but smile every time I see this :)

After church, our Sunday School class had a potluck lunch. All the food was so good and it was fun for us to all eat together and let our kids run around together.

Lyndsey started singing Ring around the Rosie so Liam and Mallory did it. They both loved it!

And they know now to stand against the wall for a picture. Guess we've done this a couple of times with them?? So sweet!

The kids loved running around and I love that Liam is just laying down and posing while the girls go on around him!

And Mallory loved to play with Kinsley. Sweet friends in their green!

That was all the St. Patty's Day celebrating we did - just wearing green. I didn't even wear any green because I have nothing green in my closet :/ but it's more fun to dress up Mallory anyway :)

PS. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY to my friend Kati! Love ya friend! Hope you have an amazing day!

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