Friday, February 8, 2013

Project: Photo Organziation

Lately (or really since Mallory's been born) I've been having a love affair with Shutterfly and I don't care who knows it :). I blame them because they keep sending me great coupons to my email and I have to use them right?? I'm so thankful for my blog to be able to document everything but I do want to have tangible pictures and photo books too so I've used Shutterfly to supply my need. 

Every couple of months, they will run a special to where you can get 101 4x6 prints free. It usually only costs me $1.50 at the most for shipping so I say that's a good deal. So, I've been trying to print out our pictures too so we can have them to look at down the road. I mean, will Facebook still be around in 20 years?? And I guess if Mallory asks if there are any pictures of her, I can just give her this blog address. And lots of photos I have - especially Instagram photos that I want printed too so I've been excited getting these Shutterfly envelopes in the mail filled with pictures!

I've also been working on Mallory's baby book. I did have a photo book printed but I love her other baby book and I've needed pictures to go in there.

Looking at this now, I can't believe she will be 2 in May. Ahh! I digress...It's been fun putting the photos in her book and I hope she will love it when she gets older and is able to look back on when she was little.

For all my other photos, I went to my other go to place, Hobby Lobby, and got some cute photo boxes.

Now, for the organization part. I plan on organizing them by Mallory's age and go from there. I've just got to sit down and do it!

In the left box, I have Mallory's 1st birthday cards as well as Christmas cards from this year. I can't throw those away. I want to keep them to look back at all my family and friends in years past. Brian will tell you I love to keep my cards. When were first married and were going through my stuff, he found my big bag of cards that I'd kept since I was a teenager. I had to explain to him that I just couldn't stand to throw them away. So, you can call me a hoarder of cards and that's ok with me :)

I guess I should go work for Shutterfly now since I've basically been their PR person. I do use other online picture sites like Snapfish, My Publisher, etc... when they have good deals going on too so if there's a deal on photos, photo books, calendars, etc... I will find it!


Lyndsey said...

Look at you! Organized photo boxes are a great idea and much easier than having to slip each one into a photo album! Maybe I should print some and we can have a photo organizing party?? Sunday School mom's night in theme?? :)

April @ said...

Haha, so you're saying that you need to DO something after you get those orange envelopes? LOL. I still haven't organized all my WEDDING photos! (2006!)