Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Decor

And by decor, I mean only two pictures of things in my house relating to Valentine's Day :) As I've admitted here many times before, I'm not a crafty person so when it comes to decorating for holidays, I usually just buy decorations instead of making them. But, I'm trying to step out of the box and do new things. And by new things, I mean something simple that hopefully I can't screw up. So, for Valentine's Day I saw this cute printable for a banner and I cut it out, added the ribbon and put it on our mantle by our other Valentine's Day printables I printed off from Pinterest.

Yes, please go ahead and call me Martha Stewart right now :) Ha! I know some of my friends would just be proud that I attempted to make something on my own. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

For Christmas, I got a Hobby Lobby gift card from my parents and I knew exactly what I wanted: a decorative chalkboard to hang in my kitchen. I have a big empty wall on one side of our kitchen and it needed this hung there. I know that you can buy the chalkboard paint, go buy something cheap and put the paint on there. Again, one day I will step out and do that, until then, Hobby Lobby calls my name!

I put one of my favorite verses about Love on there.

If you blinked you just missed all of the pictures of our Valentine's Day decorations - ha! I'm just happy I am attempting new crafts and if they turn out, great, if not, at least I tried right?? I'm excited to send Valentine's with Mallory to her daycare since it does fall on a Thursday. I know she has no clue about why I'm putting Valentine's bags together for her to take but I am loving doing it! So fun!

Guess I need to start pinning ideas for Easter!


katebradley said...

It looks so great! I LOVE the mantel!!!! Holiday decor doesn't have to be in abundance to be fun and you did create something!

Luanne said...

I am so proud of you!!! ...I really need to start those baby steps too :/ Everything looks cute!!

Rachel and John said...

Looks good to me! I'm not crafty either and decorating for every single holiday seems like so much work!

I love what you've done!!