Saturday, February 23, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Kate, for tagging me with this award: 

This is an award given to small blogs who have less than 200 followers, and I'm so glad she tagged me! I am answering the questions she gave me and then put 11 random things about me after that. Enjoy!

1. What is the best thing about being 30 or being soon to turn 30?

As much as I was dreading turning 30, the day it came, nothing big changed because it's just a number but I am loving this season of life! Married to the love of my life and being Mallory's mom is the best place I am right now. I'm excited to see all that my 30's bring me! 

2. What are your make up bag essentials?

Eye liner for sure. If I don't put any on, I look sleepy all day.
Powder  - It covers up most of blemishes
Carmex - I hate the feeling of dry lips!

3. What are your favorite family traditions?

My favorite family traditions are around Christmastime. I love going to look at the Christmas lights with Rob, Stephanie, Caleb and Cade. I also love that my side of the family gets together on Christmas Eve Eve night and stay the night at my parents and get up and do Christmas with our family on Christmas Eve morning. So fun! I can't wait to start some of our own little family traditions with Mallory.

4. What advice would you give to an 18 year old about to go to college?

Keep God first. It's easy to go to church when your parents make you but when you are on your own and you have to make the decision to get up and go, it's harder. The first semester of school, I wasn't involved in anything because I just chose to sleep instead of getting involved. Once I found a great college church group to get involved in, it was great! There are so many great Christian college organizations out there! And don't wait until the night before to start on your 1,000 word paper due the next morning. (not that I know from experience :) )

5. If you had to spend a snow day at home with a friend who would you choose (not a spouse)?

I parents - two friends :) I love that although they are still my parents, as I've gotten older, they are my friends. I love hanging out with them and I love that Mallory loves being with them all of the time too. We would probably play games while watching The Andy Griffith Show marathon!

6. What is one thing you would change about yourself?

I wish I was a better cook. I didn't get that gene passed down from my mom or grandmother. I know some people can just look at a recipe and whip it up. I have to look at it step by step and worry if each recipe is going to come out. I do try but there have been many dinners thrown out before they were served!

7. What is one thing you think most people are surprised about when they get to know you?

I'm not sure - I'm pretty much an open book so I can't think of anything surprising they would find out.

8. What are the first 3 things you do when you wake up in the morning?

1) Take a shower
2) Dry my hair, brush my teeth, put in contacts (this is all in order before I step out of the bathroom so I grouped them all together)
3) Get Mallory out of her crib

9. What are you looking for in a future spouse/what attracted you to your spouse?

So many things attracted me to Brian Estes. The first was his love for God. We met at church and I was able to see that first as we were just friends and then as we started dating. His sense of humor also attracted me to him. He can always make me laugh and I love when we laugh together. His love for family was another big thing. He's very close to all his family and I love being apart of his family. We both love our families so much and know that those relationships are important to us. Last (but not least), he's my best friend! We were best friends before we even started dating and I looked forward to talking to him on the phone and seeing him after work. :)

10. What is the best/craziest job you have worked?

The best and craziest was being an Event Planner at Women of Faith. I loved it - it totally fit my crazy organizational mind. Everything needed to be organized  i.e. Transportation booked, Hotel Rooming List done so everyone has a room and if they are sharing a room, they are sharing it with someone they like, contract all done with the arena, having good food catered for each meal at the arena, etc...I could go on and on - it was so much work but so much fun! I loved it! It was crazy also for sure- so many things could change last minute like someone deciding to come last minute and having to find a hotel room when the hotel is completely booked. Anything could happen - that's what live events are all about. I'm so glad I got to do that for a season of my life. So many great memories!

11. What are your favorite qualities of your close friends?

Dependability, Honesty & Sense of Humor  

11 Random Facts About Me

1) I always thought I wanted boys and was pretty sure Mallory was a boy until a week before our gender sonogram, something in me switched and I really wanted a girl. I think God was preparing me for the news of a baby girl!
2) I can't decorate to save my life but I love watching HGTV and seeing all the room transformations.
3) The DVR has spoiled me. I will wait to watch a show so I can fast forward through commercials. It's hard for me to watch anything live anymore!
4) I don't mind doing the laundry, I just hate hanging it all back up. Sometimes the clean clothes will sit longer than I care to admit before I hang them up.
5) I had really wanted to get married at Prestonwood Church's wedding chapel but 1 week before I could book it (members can book 9 months out, non-members can book 6 months out), a member booked my date and time. This was the only time I cried about anything in the wedding planning. Now, I'm so glad we got married at the church we met at and still attend.
6) I would love to take a Mediterranean Cruise: Spain, Italy & Greece please!
7) Speaking of travel, I can't wait to take Mallory to Disney World when she is older! I think she will love every minute of seeing Mickey, Minnie and all the Disney princesses and characters. I can't wait to see it through her eyes!
8)  I had the name Mallory picked out a long time ago. Thankfully, Brian liked it to when I told him. We gave her her middle name, Anne - after my Mom's middle name, however hers is spelled Ann and I added the "e" at the end because I liked on Anne of Green Gables when she said her name was Anne with an e.
9) I love attending wedding showers and baby showers. It's always such an exciting time and I love celebrating that special time with my family and friends.
10) One of the best books I've ever read is "So Long, Insecurity" by Beth Moore. It helped me grow so much and I feel I was able to overcome many insecurities. God's love is so wonderful!
11) I love to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, not for their wings, for their nachos :)

That's me!  Thanks for tagging me Kate and thanks for reading!

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