Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mallory is 21 Months Old!

Our baby girl is 21 Months Old today! It's so crazy to me that the next birthday marker I'll mark will be when she's 2 years old! Time does fly!

Sweet girl, you are so much fun! You like to go and go and go and go. You never slow down but when it's time for a nap or for bedtime, you usually crash because you've played so hard. You go to bed usually around 8:30 pm and I have to wake you up at 7:00 am to get our day started. You sleep pretty well at night - this past week, you've woken up crying wanting me to come get you so you can lay with me to go back to sleep but for the most part, you are a great nighttime sleeper - thank you! You usually take a good 2 hour nap and if there's ever a day you miss your nap, it's not good :)

We don't have a scale at our house or I would have weighed you. I'm guessing you are around 27/28 lbs and still in the low 30 inches height wise. You are getting a little taller - I can tell by some of your tops not being as long on you as they were! You wear mostly 24 month clothes now but some 18 month still fit. I do have to buy you 2T at some stores like Children's Place because they run small on you. The first day I realized I was getting you a size 2T top was very sad for me. You are definitely a toddler now.

Just like in this picture, you LOVE playing with your kitchen. You are always making something and always offer us a bite to eat. You also love your Minnie Mouse car, your blocks, your books, stickers and any photo books you can get your hands on. I made you your own book with photos so you wouldn't destroy my Shutterfly photo books and you love it! However, we do need to work on your sharing. 

You are saying a lot more these days. A lot of the time it's still all toddler talk but you have your clear words you say too. You're new word this week is bubble and you say that every animal says Moo :)  You say Hi really big whenever you see someone and you say Bye-Bye when it's time to leave. Of course No is your favorite word but you say Yeah a lot of the time too. You say cheese (for cheese and please) and thank you. There are more words that you say like Dada and Momma but I won't list them all. I love hearing you say new words and learning new things!

You love for us to ask you where your belly is...

So you can lift up your shirt and show us :) Speaking of your belly, you also love to eat. You are a picky eater though! The only vegetables you will eat are carrots and green beans. You eat those like they are going out of style so I'm happy you at least eat those. You love chicken nuggets, pb & j uncrustables, grilled cheese (basically anything with cheese or just cheese alone), go-go squeeze apple-strawberry sauce, blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, Cheerios, goldfish, apple crisps, etc...

You are definitely have some of the other not so fun toddler traits too. You can throw a mighty big tantrum when you don't get what you want. You can also make the saddest face when you've been told No. You can usually do a dramatic cry to go with it thinking we will change our mind. Good try :)

Mallory Anne, we love you so much! You're smile is best thing ever! We thank God everyday that we get to be your parents. We love being with you all the time! Happy 21 Months Beautiful Girl!

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