Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Long Weekend

We had a good, busy long weekend. It started Friday with me being able to leave work around 2pm because it was a teacher's workday and no students so it was nice to be able to leave and pick up Mallory early! We headed to the store to get our shopping done and then waited on Daddy to get home from work so we could go eat!

Mallory waiting in the driveway for Daddy to come home. She saw the moon and kept looking up at it

Once Brian came home and picked up, we headed to use one of our Christmas gift cards at Texas Roadhouse. I guess the excitement was too much for the little girl:

I waited in the car while Brian went in until it was time for us to go to our table.

Mallory's new thing is putting on her jacket herself. As you can tell she's got the hang of it lol. She tries to zip it up but never can get it and gets aggravated but it's fun to see her try.

Saturday morning, Brian hunted and Mallory and I slept in and relaxed most of the day. Saturday evening we headed over to our friends for our monthly Supper Club.

Liam and Mallory eating at the table to themselves. They both didn't sit for too long, there were toys to be played with. We had a great time with friends as usual.

Sunday morning, we headed to Prestonwood North Church to see my older brother, Greg, be ordained as a deacon. I'm so excited we could go and be there for this special moment for him.

The beautiful Bradley family after the ordination. 

We went to eat at the Blue Goose Cantina after church and it was some really good Mexican food. After spending time with family, we headed home and were able to hang out the rest of the day.

I love Mallory's after nap hair. This is her usual spot for her after nap snack too.

Brian ran some errands and got us some things for our fireplace. Hopefully it will be cool enough again for us to finally have our first fire in our home

We will see if the cover keeps our little girl away.

And on Monday, Brian and I both had off thankfully so we had scheduled an allergist appt for Mallory so we could both go

It also happened to be Mallory's 20 month birthday. I know there will come a time that I won't count months anymore so I've got to enjoy while I still can. Mallory did a good job at the allergist and we will go back to do some testing in the future. I know that will be a hard day but I know it's for the best to help Mallory and find out how to help take care of her allergies. 

We got back home and were all able to take long naps. That was so nice! 

So, there's our long weekend recap. It was so fun just being with our little family. That makes me very happy :)

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