Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back Among the Living

And I'm back...well sort of. I'm back at work today but still not 100%. What a ride The Estes Family has been on this past weekend and beginning of this week. A sick ride I would say. It started Friday afternoon - I went to pick up Mallory from my parent's house and you could tell as soon as I got to her that she didn't feel well and she felt like she had a fever. So, we headed home and got some medicine in her and rested, relaxed and snuggled all night long. 

She did not want me to go anywhere - just wanted me to hold her tight (and let her watch Disney Jr of course)

She got some snuggles in with Daddy too

Saturday morning, she was up, feeling better. She played all day and thought she might already be on the mend. By Saturday evening, I started to feel horrible. I did not want both of us to be sick at the same time but that is what was happening. Saturday night, I was in the bed with a fever and Mallory's fever had come back. Poor Brian had to take care of both of us but he did a fantastic job. Saturday night was a long night. I was up a lot because I could not keep anything down and Mallory was up coughing and wanted Brian to hold her the whole time. He was the best Doctor to both of us. I wasn't so sad that I was sick, I was just sad that I couldn't help with Mallory and hold her. 

Sunday morning, I was able to keep some stuff down finally and Brian was able to sleep some while Mallory played and played. We spent most of the day relaxing (so sad I had to miss my friend Jennifer's baby shower but I know my friends thank me for keeping my germs at home :) ) and by Sunday night, I thought for sure we were done with it all.

Taking her bath Sunday night. 

Well, Monday morning, I woke up feeling like death. I could barely move so thankfully, my Dad came and picked up Mallory and Brian took me to the Dr. Hello Flu. In all my 30 years, I've never had the flu so I guess this year was my year. I told Brian all that I wanted them to give me was something that would knock me out so I could sleep for a long period of time. I hadn't been able to do that the nights before and they did. We came home and I'm pretty sure I took a 4 hour nap. 

My sweet friend Brettni brought by some food for us. Brian said she rang the doorbell twice Monday afternoon but I didn't budge. I was really down for the count. She sat it on our doorstep and ran back to her car so she wouldn't get sick - ha! Love that girl! By Monday evening, I started to feel a little better and was able to sleep through the night Monday night. Oh, and also Monday evening, Brian took Mallory to the Dr and she had a double ear infection. Ugh - we were just two sad sicklies. So grateful that my parents could keep her because I wanted to make sure my fever was gone for 24 hours before I was around her again. I did not want her to get the flu.

I woke up Tuesday morning to a snow covered back yard. I had no idea it was going to snow but it was a pretty sight to see since I'd been on the couch for so long. I had to take two sick days off of work which is something I have not done in a really long time. I wondered why I've been getting sick often and then realized that I've never had a 19 month old sick child crawling all over me and wanting me to hold her all the time so those germs are all over me. I don't stand a chance! Plus being new to a school and all the middle school kids germs around too - yeah, I'm for 0 for 2 there.

So, today I'm back among the living. Still have little energy but am able to function, which I was unable to do 48 hours ago. Brian has been super husband and super dad. And my parents have been so wonderful too in helping with Mallory. We are so blessed to have them and owe them big time! Stay well :)

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Andrea Crosswhite said...

yuck, I'm so sorry y'all have been sick! Missed you at the baby shower!