Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Greg's Deacon Ordination

Sunday morning, we went to Prestonwood North's campus to see my older brother, Greg, be ordained as a deacon. Greg is such a great man of God and I was really happy for him and that he was chosen to serve as a deacon in his church. We got up early and headed that way. They have a huge kids area at their church and Mallory had no problems when I dropped her off. Even though she didn't know any of the kids there, she saw toys and headed right in. I'm so glad there were no tears.

We went into the church service and then it was time for the ordination

It was so great seeing all of the men praying over all the new deacons. The wives stood by their husbands while they were being prayed for. 

Love these Bradleys!

Family Group Photo. Brian was there too but he was taking the photo. We missed you Ryan, Kate & Eva!

I took this picture as we were leaving church. Kiersi and Kayden holding Mallory's hands walking away. Cousin Love!

It was a wonderful morning - Not only being there for the ordination but the sermon from Rev. Jack Graham was so good. It was on the sanctity of life and how Jesus loves all the little children.  Congrats Greg! We Love You!

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