Friday, November 9, 2012

Our After School Date

Wednesday afternoon, instead of just going straight home after I picked Mallory up after school, I decided to give us a treat and go on a little date to get some yogurt. I know sometimes after school, I pick her up, head home and collapse after the work day but thankfully, since I get done at a reasonable time, there is still much we can do.
I've never been to any of the yogurt places in our town (shocking, I know!) and since I realized that I needed to run to Kroger after our date, I chose Yogurt Story because it's right there. I kept telling Mallory I had a surprise for her but to a 17-month old, she just knew we didn't pull in our driveway like usual and looked around when I pulled into the parking spot.
We got out and went in to pick our yogurt. There were many choices so we had to take a moment to decide.
So many decisions...

If I can just reach it...we I decided on Strawberry
We went and got our seat and of course, on the way, we had to wave hi to everybody and see what they were eating.

She was so amazed at everybody that kept coming through the door, she couldn't focus on her treat.
Finally, it was time to dig in.

Let me have some more!!
Please note: Mallory did not eat the whole thing :) Between her small bites and my bigger bites, I think we only ate a 1/4 of it. I got way too much. Good to know for next time!
It was a short 30 minute after school date but I loved every minute of it. Mallory would take a bite and then she would give me a bite. We chatted it up about the day - well I would talk and she would jibber jabber something back but it was the best conversation to me. I loved this moment with my daughter and look forward to many more dates with her!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


The Killough's said...

I love Yogurt Story!!

Kati said...

I haven't been to Yogurt Story but I do love me some Yogurtland! I will have to check it out though since it's so close to the office :-)

Glad ya'll had a fun mommy/daughter date! Sweet memories.