Monday, November 5, 2012

Need to be Free

A cute little girl has now decided that she no longer needs to wear a diaper
so she just takes it off :) I guess she just likes to be free!
We had a nice relaxing weekend. I didn't take very many pictures, which is unusual but we hung out, played, watched football and rested. Saturday night, we went to my parent's house to see our niece, Eva. Mallory and Eva are at such a fun age that when they see each other they get so excited and my child thinks she needs to kiss every other child she sees so I'm working on one kiss for hello is all she needs to give. Ha!
Sunday morning we headed to church. Usually, we are just trying to get out the door to get to church on time but since Mallory didn't get the memo to Fall Back and enjoy the extra hour of sleep, we were up extra early and had some time to spare so we took some photos.
I loved her black and red outfit!
I know my hair is getting extra long so it must mean it's time to cut it. I always want to try something new but then I get nervous and usually don't do anything drastic. Maybe I'll work up the courage to try a new look soon. We'll see!
Hope you have an Amazing week! Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!


Kati said...

One kiss for hello...nice! ha ha. And she may be ready for potty training soon...Karlyn has taken hers off only once or twice thank goodness!

Ashley Zercher said...

Time for a potty! Thats what Brooklyn would do, then when she would have an accident I would say uh oh and put her on the potty. (and give her an M&M when she did go)

Whitney Weir said...

Such a great picture of the two of you.