Monday, November 12, 2012

Cousin Fun

We had a wonderful, restful, non eventful weekend and it was Glorious! Saturday afternoon after Brian mowed, we went out into the backyard to play. The weather was perfect and Mallory had the best time just running around all the backyard. One of the reasons we bought our house was because of the size of the backyard and that there are lots of big trees behind it. Brian and I were dreaming about all we could put in the backyard. Maybe a Fire Pit? It's big enough for a pool but I don't think that will ever happen. But it's nice to dream.
Anywho, for a little girl who likes to run wild and not sit still, the backyard is just what she needs to let the energy out :)
She tried so hard to get up the slide!

For a minute, Daddy got in the playhouse but there wasn't too much room for him. Mallory was happy to let him in.
After all the playing, we headed over to my parent's house to see our nieces. We got to see our niece, Eva, last week and this weekend we got to see Kiersi & Kayden!

Mallory got to have her hair done by her cousin Kiersi

Kayden was so excited to get the McDonalds stuff out so she would be the McDonalds cashier :)

Kayden showed Mallory how to ring up the orders.
We had so much fun seeing them Saturday night! Sunday afternoon, after Mallory woke up from her nap, she got to see more cousins! Rob, Stephanie, Caleb and Cade stopped by and Mallory loves seeing them!

She let Cousin Caleb hold her for a little bit.

Auntie and Mallory
What a fun weekend! Now, just one more week until we get a week off for Thanksgiving break! Woo Hoo! Let's do this!


Lyndsey said...

Lots of cousin love this weekend, how fun! A fire pit in y'all's backyard would be awesome, you could make s'mores! I'll bring the marshmallows :) Can't wait to hang out next week!!

The Killough's said...

That picture of Rob on the couch cracked me up! He looks like an old man!
I LOVE y'all's backyard! Making s'mores after a long day of swimming in the pool sounds good to me!