Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had so much fun with our little Minnie Mouse last night! I couldn't wait to go pick her up after school and run home to get her into her costume. I'm sure she wondered why I was so excited as I was dressing her. I think she looked so adorable! She kept pulling the ears off but that's ok - I got some good photos and that's all I wanted. So, get ready for picture overload. You've been warned :)

After we came home from work, got our Minnie ready, we headed up to our church because they were having the Fall Festival. We had signed up to work our booth at 6:15 pm so we got there a little early to walk around and see friends.

She had her bucket and was ready to fill it up with candy!

Who was the first person we saw?!? Liam, the Pirate. I love this shot because they were very happy to see each other!
Here's a little flashback. This was Mallory & Liam on their first Halloween

 When did they get so big???
Our class did a great job on setting up a maze as our booth. The two kiddos enjoyed walking around in it.
Then, we moved on to grab the ducks from the water. Mallory just wanted to play in the water.
As we were walking around, we got to see so many friends!
Grayson the monkey, Zoey the owl and Daniel the Dragon (and Josh as Josh! Welcome back!) I loved seeing all of our friends and their kiddos!
We walked around some more and then saw the carriage. I knew Mallory loved the carriage at the Arboretum so I knew she would like this one. We couldn't pass up a shot of the pirate and Minnie Mouse in the carriage and we got a great shot. Precious!!

Next, we got to see our friend Karlyn! She was so cute in her cow costume!

Sweet friends holding hands and doing the maze together. I love watching them grow up together!
We also got to see our friend Kinsley the ghost.

Mallory always feels the need to give Kinsley a kiss everytime she sees her :)
After leaving the Fall Festival, we headed over to Brian's Aunts and Uncles for trick or treating with cousins!

Hello James Bond and Jase from Duck Dynasty

We are ready to go! Poor Emmaline wasn't feeling well so the little Zebra stayed back to feel better

Kennedy went with Mallory up to each house to get candy. So glad she did that with her!

I love this tradition with our family. Jensen, Cade, Kennedy and Mallory all went to the houses for candy and all the adults walked behind them. I put the Minnie Mouse ears on when Mallory decided she was done wearing them. I enjoyed getting to hang back with our oldest nephew Caleb - he's getting so tall!

Mallory with her cousins that she Loves to see :)
Even though we didn't get to to go trick or treating with Mallory's other cousins, I'm so glad they sent us pics so we could see them dressed up.
Eva as a Pumpkin
Kayden and Kiersi as peacocks

Our family pic (sorry I look rough - it was a long day!)
And to end the day with more fun:

Christmas Card pic????
We had a wonderful day with our family and friends!!


The Killough's said...

Minnie Mouse was too cute!!!
I hate that Caleb is too "cool" for trick or treating these days! Lol

Lyndsey said...

I think the mouse ears looks just as cute on you as they do on Mal! I just got done with my Halloween post and put a pic of the two of them from last year too. I can't believe how fast time has flown! Looks like y'all had a fun rest of the night!

Kati said...

Love all the pics! Mallory made the perfect Minnie. :>

I'm glad ya'll did the maze too; that was a hit! Sad face at the flash-back pic...this past year has flown!