Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Little Hunter

Brian had Monday off so he decided to go to his friend, Jay's, to hunt Monday morning. Sunday night, Brian brought out all of his hunting stuff to prepare. By stuff I mean at least 3 full boxes of hunting gear. As soon as he brought it out, little miss was all into it so Brian was very excited that she wanted to look at all of it.
Once she starting putting the hunting gear on, I started taking pictures because she was looking so cute!
Daddy and his little hunter

I can't remember what was on TV but apparently it was capturing her attention as she kept digging through the box to find more stuff.

Brian taught her how to blow the duck call and we got to hear it All. Night. Long.

Then, Mallory decided to climb in the box and thankfully Daddy didn't scare her when he put the mask on. She thought he was very funny.

This picture is my favorite. She is definitely a Mini Me of her Father and you can see it in the picture. Daddy, she's ready to hunt, even if her Momma isn't ready for her to be :)

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The Killough's said...

Love that last picture! Too cute!!