Thursday, October 4, 2012


The definition of Still according to Webster's Dictionary:
a: devoid of or abstaining from motion
I'm pretty sure my child has no clue what that means. She does not sit still for 2 seconds. She's always on the go! I love seeing her running, dancing, etc... but I wouldn't mind if she sat still for a couple of minutes why I try to get one picture :) Yesterday was my brother Greg's birthday so I wanted to get a shot her holding a sign. Well, we all know she would crumple the sign or try to eat it so I even tried to put it by her to get a picture of it sitting beside her. You can probably guess how that went. I'll show you in the pictures below.
The crumpling of the paper has begun

She already wanted down before I could get one pic

Let's try this again.

Why are you blocking  me from watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for this picture??

I'm done.
So there you have it. We went with number picture number 3 to send to Greg :) I usually have to have Brian behind me so she will look at him when trying to get a photo but he wasn't home from work yet. Lesson learned. I'll keep trying though. There are a lot of October birthdays in both our families so we will see if I can get a good shot with a birthday sign sometime.
Anyone want to babysit now??? Ha! Have a great day!

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Lyndsey said...

Ha! I love this! And so true over at our house too!