Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Cheer

Our little family had a great weekend with all our family. Friday night, my brother-in-law and nephews came over to look at a riding lawnmower that we have that they are trying to get to work. Mallory was very happy to see her cousins! Still no working lawmower, but I know they will get it working soon!
Saturday morning, it was coooold. Brian headed off to his Flag Football game and Mallory stayed home and snuggled. After the game, we headed to my brother's house to celebrate both my brother's birthdays. I love seeing all of our daughters together!
Kiersi and I had fun playing with the iPhone
Kayden and Kiersi are cheering for their Upwards team and showed us a couple of their cheers. Enjoy!
Love these girls!
Sunday morning, we headed to church. Our pastor mentioned that "Faith honors God and God honors Faith" and I've had that in my head all day today. After lunch, we all went home and napped. We all needed it and it was glorious!

This is post-nap, hair, snack and drink.
Sunday night, Daddy went to bible study and Mallory and I played together all evening.

I cherish these moments. We had the best time together!

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Kati said...

Love you and your sweet girl. These pictures are so cute!