Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Sept 7-9, 2012

Happy Monday!! Linking up with Tami - Here the Estes Family Weekend Rewind:
Friday night, we did nothing. We usually go to a football game on Friday nights but it had been a busy week and it was still going to be warm outside Friday night so we decided to stay home. We just hung out, relaxed and it was so nice!

I took this pic Friday night because Mallory always goes to stand in front of the fireplace and talks. We think she thinks that's her stage. Ha!
Saturday morning, Brian headed out to coach his first flag football game of the season. He is coaching our nephew, Cade's team and he was so excited about the first game and they won!! Yay! I was so sad Mallory and I had to miss the first game but we will be there to cheer them on the rest of the season! Go Jackets!
We missed the game because we were headed to our niece, Eva's 1st birthday party! There will be more pics in the next blog post but here are a couple.

The birthday girl! She LOVED everyone singing Happy Birthday to her and her cake! We had a so much fun celebrating her!

As we were getting ready to leave, I told Mallory to give Eva a kiss and she did. This one of my favorite pictures of them. So sweet!
Saturday night, Brian and I headed to the SMU/SFA football game. I wanted to go because I am an alumnus of SFA and loved my time there so I wanted to cheer them on. I knew we didn't have much of a chance but I put my SFA football shirt on and we headed to the game.

Thankfully the temps got cooler this weekend and it felt so good outside watching this game.

We had a good seats. SFA kept it close for a while but then SMU ran away with the game.

But that was ok because I had a good time chatting with Brian's cousin Kennedy

And of course, being with my man! We had a fun time!

I did cheer the SFA twirlers on because I really wanted to be one!
Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed worshipping with out church family. The rest of the day we came home, napped and relaxed. Brian did mow the lawn so Mallory and I played together.

When we got home from church, Brian was putting his boots up and he decided to put Mallory in them and we got this sweet picture! I love it! I didn't realize until my brother-in-law, Rob, commented on my Instagram that it looks like the picture of me in the big boots on my right hand side of my blog. So true!
And our weekend is a wrap! Have a great week!


Tami said...

I love the picture of Mallory kissing Eva. So sweet!!

Ashley Zercher said...

I wish I would have been able to spend more time with you on Sunday!I always love pictures of little girls in daddy's boots, so sweet!