Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Rewind Sept 14-16, 2012

Happy Monday! Here is our Estes Family Rewind
I know I said I would blog about Eva's birthday party and I promise I will. I was going to upload the pics off of our real camera Friday and just when you plan to do things, plans change right?
Friday afternoon, I picked up Mallory from my parent's house and we headed home for a night of doing nothing. It was rainy out and I was just going to tackle all of our laundry Friday night. I had put a load of laundry on when we got home and Mallory was watching TV and playing. I sat on the couch behind her and I noticed her scratch her neck. Mallory has a birthmark at the top of her neck (her hair covers it) so I wondered why she would be scratching it when she's never scratched it before. Then I saw it, her neck was covered in red welts. I looked at her back and it was covered in red welts. Thankfully, for myself, I didn't panic. I took a picture and texted it to my Mom so she could tell me if looked the same as the last time she had an allergic reaction and she said Yes. She said it started on her back, then to her legs, to her stomach and then to her face where she swelled. I looked her over and it had gotten to her thighs but that was it. I quickly gave her some Benadryl Allergy and then called Brian. He raced home and thankfully we got her in our after hours clinic. I had the Epi-pen ready to go but I really hoped I didn't have to use it, which I didn't.
We got into the Dr and she gave Mallory a dose of steriods and she told us to keep giving her the steriods and Benadryl Allergy and to watch her to make sure she doesn't swell. We are grateful that it didn't spread after it got to her thighs. No swelling either! We are hoping to meet with an allergist this week to figure it all out. Before we left my parent's house, we were outside and Mallory was in the grass so who knows if she did get bit by a fire ant or if it's grass. I'm hoping we find an answer soon.

This was about 30 minutes after I first saw her back. And this wasn't the worst. It actually looks better than the first picture I sent my mom. This is for my family and friends. Just in case you are ever around Mallory and notice her back like this, you will know it's her red welts and allergic reaction.

We finally got back home around 7:45 pm. We were all starving so we stopped by Chick-Fil-A for dinner. I decided that we definitely deserved a chocoalte chip cookie to share!
Saturday morning, we were supposed to go cheer Brian and Cade on at their flag football game but the poor girl is not getting into anymore grass until we know what her allergy is. So, she watched her cartoons and I cleaned. I fnished the laundry, swept, vacuumed, mopped, dusted, etc... Hopefully we can keep it clean for a couple of days.

It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...Come inside, it's fun inside!
Saturday afternoon/evening, we headed out for dinner and shopping. It started getting a little cooler this past week and Mallory did not have any closed-toed shoes (that fit) and not many Fall clothes so we new we needed to do a little shopping!

We had dinner at Brooklyn's Pizza. Can you tell where the TV is? Ha - they were watching football, of course.

Little miss just wanted to walk around everywhere and just smiled and laughed everytime she saw someone.

I say we had a successful shopping trip! We got most of her stuff from Carters and Old Navy. We got her shoes from Payless so we are ready for Fall!
Sunday morning, we went to church and I had a good time working with the Toddlers in our church nursery with my friend Brettni.

After church, we were talking with our friends, Cooper & Jill and Mallory wanted to sit up front with Cooper and drive the car.
Sunday nights, I'm doing a new bible study: Covenant. I missed our first week, it was Labor Day weekend but I'm looking forward to this new study.

There's our weekend rewind. Here's to another week! Hope it's a great one!

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April @ said...

Carter's is one of my favorite stores! I love how cute their stuff is - and kid appropriate too! Those shoes are to die for!