Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Sept. 21-23, 2012

Good Monday Morning! I'm linking up with Tami for the Rewind. We had a very busy weekend so here we go with the pics from our Weekend Rewind:
Friday night, My mom, Mallory and I headed to downtown Dallas for the Women of Faith event. This is the first fall season in 5 years that I haven't been traveling. While I don't miss the airports and long hours, I do miss the people. A lot of former co-workers hadn't seen Mallory since she was little so I was excited to shower her off and to catch up with everybody.

It was a packed house at the American Airlines Center

We sat in and watched Ken Davis, a comedian, for a couple of minutes. Mallory couldn't figure out why everybody was laughing but she clapped everytime the crowd clapped.

Mallory and I walked around the concourse to say hi to some old friends. She really wanted my old co-worker, Cristina's radio, so she got it and looked like she was ready to be an Event Planner like I was

One of my best friends from Women of Faith is Betty Ashley. We were Event Planners together and Dallas was her event so I'm so glad we were able to go and see her. I know Betty Ashley was exhausted after a long day but we had a great time catching up. She was so excited to see Mallory again.

Love this girl and miss seeing her everyday!
Brian graciously drove us to dowtown Dallas, dropped us off while he and our nephew Cade went to Northpark Mall. After they picked us up and we headed home, Rob and Stephanie dropped Caleb off after his dance. He said he danced with a lot of girls :)

We were so happy they stayed with us and I know Brian was happy to have help putting our spare bedroom bed together.

Saturday morning, Mallory was so excited that her cousins where still at our house. She wanted to sit with both of them while we all watched Toy Story 3.
Cade was resting before his flag football game that morning. Brian's his team's coach and they both get excited about every game.

Brian giving them the play

Go Jackets! They played a good game and won!
Saturday afternoon, we all napped and then Brian and I headed to Lake Pointe Church to hear Max Lucado speak. Rob and Stephanie had invited us to come and we were excited to go with them to hear him speak. Max spoke on Grace and it was a wonderful sermon. I can't wait to read his new book, titled, of course, Grace.
Afterwards, we headed to Brian's Aunt & Uncle's to celebrate birthdays. We had yummy BBQ and I ate way too much dessert.

Love this pic of Kennedy and Mallory playing the piano together.
Sunday morning, we headed to church and came home and rested. Sunday evening, Mallory and I headed to see my niece, Kiersi, be baptized.

It was such a great evening and I can't wait to show you more pics soon!
That was our crazy busy weekend but we loved every minute being with our family and friends! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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Kati said...

She's looking so big! Already planning events and playing piano =)

I hope she likes her new jammies!