Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Wildcat QB

Now, that I'm finally getting pictures off of my good camera, I had to share pictures of our nephew, Caleb, from his first 7th grade football game. He is the starting quarterback for the Wildcats and last Wednesday night, we headed to the football field to cheer him on!
Caleb Estes #11 - warming up before the game began

Auntie & Zoey are ready to cheer Caleb on!
Brian was in charge of taking the photos and I think he got some good ones.

Ready, set, hut

Not only is Caleb the qb, he is also the punter and did a great job!

Caleb had some great runs during the game. He also ran for one touchdown!

Mallory was getting very sleepy but she cheered cousin Caleb on with Mrs. Elesa.

This run he was able to escape from almost being tackled in the backfield and came around and had a very long run! Even though they didn't win the game, we were so glad to be there to cheer Caleb on!
We were not able to make it to Caleb's game Tuesday night but he had a 60 year touchdown run and threw for a touchdown! Woo Hoo!
You can also see some great pics from his Aunts Shannon & Samantha here, here and here :)
 You are doing a great job Caleb and we can't wait to cheer you on at more games to come!!

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