Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eva's 1st Birthday Party

 Here it is! I finally uploaded my pictures from my camera from Eva's 1st Birthday Party! I can't believe she is already 1! Sept 8, we headed over to my brother and sister-in-law's to celebrate the birthday girl!
My sister-in-law, Kate, did a fantastic job at decorating. This was the first time I had seen their new town home too and I loved it! Kate is so crafty and has a great decorative eye!
Love the "Watch Me Grow" banner with Eva's monthly photos underneath. I also loved how the highchair was decorated
Ryan and Kate served fajitas for lunch and they were yummy!

Why are all these people here?? For me?? Yay, Eva, You are 1!!

Mallory was very happy to celebrate her cousin. She loved playing with all of Eva's toys :)
Trying to get a picture of all the cousins. Kiersi was having to hold Mallory down because she kept wanting to get up and play.

Eva also showed us all her walking skills!
After eating a delicious lunch, it was time to open presents!

Ryan was very excited about the shopping cart - ha!

Eva was ready to play with her new toys!

And then someone else wanted to play with them too :)
After presents, it was time for cake!

It was so funny when we started singing "Happy Birthday" to Eva. She smiled the biggest smile when she realized we were all singing for her!

Let me try this...

Yep, this is good. I'll have some more!

Mallory was excited about eating some cake too

I love this photo of my grandmother, parents, Ryan, Eva and Mallory. It was just Eva and them but Mallory decided she wanted to join in the fun.
We had a wonderful time celebrating Eva! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


katebradley said...

Yay!!!! Thanks for posting this :) We were so happy that you and Mallory came all the way out here for the party!

April @ Red-Dirt-Mama.com said...

These pictures are so cute! It looks like she had an amazing birthday!