Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Aug 31-Sep 2, 2012

So happy to link up with Tami again for Weekend Rewind
We were looking forward to our extended 3 day weekend! I will do a separate post on our Labor Day so this is our regular weekend rewind. Friday night, we headed to watch the Rockwall Yellowjackets play their first football game of the year against West Mesquite.
It was still pretty warm after the sun went down but the moon was very pretty, even thought the game wasn't.

I put this pic on Instagram. I knew I had a pic from Mallory at the football game last year and I wanted to see what a difference a year makes. Wow! She was 3 months on the left and 15 months on the right. Crazy how time flies!

Mallory loved her Go Jackets sign and loved to clap and cheer when everyone else did.

Mallory did good until about mid 2nd quarter and she started getting very tired. It was around her bedtime so I knew she was so tired. We waited it out until the band and Stingerettes performed and she sat with Auntie to watch them and I knew she would love watching that. After halftime, we headed home.
Saturday morning, I got up and went to work the gate at the RC High School volleyball tournament. I didn't get to see a lot but I loved getting to see them play volleyball. I left around lunch to go to Brian's Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate Brian's grandad's and mom's birthdays.
Mallory with her great-grandfather and Grandma Marsha

For Pop's 80th birthday we all wrote little notes of memories we had of Pop and put them in this keepsake box. There were approximately 80 notes to celebrate 80 years. I know Pop loved it! 
We also did these handprints for Grandma Marsha. The far right hand is Pop's followed by Grandma Marsha's, Caleb's Cade's and Mallory's (with the smudged thumb).
I love this picture of Pop and Mallory playing together

Mallory loves the stairs at Uncle Jim & Aunt Laurie's. She also loves her Uncle Jim and I caught this pic of them both smiling at each other.

Pop with his two great-granddaughters: Mallory & Emmaline
Sunday, we went to church and then Mallory and I went with my Mom and her friend Cheryl to Canton. I knew it was going to be hot so we stayed in the inside pavilions where there were fans.
Mallory really enjoyed her first corn dog. Or the pieces that Mom fed to her. I did manage to buy one Christmas present so I feel a little ahead of the game. Let's see if I stay at it!
While we were at Canton, Brian, Rob, Caleb & Cade were headed to the Baylor/SMU game.

Brian's Uncle Jim asked them to ride the busses with students to the game so they all loaded up and headed to Waco. He said they had a great time and I'm so glad they did.
There's our weekend rewind. We had a great busy weekend and loved it all!


Lyndsey said...

Oh I am so jealous they got to go to the Baylor game!!! Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

Tami said...

Mallory looked so precious cheering at the game! What a cutie pie. I love the handprint craft. I am always terrible at getting E's handprints to actually look like hands! :)