Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Our weekend was very busy and Labor Day was no different. It was nice to sleep in and eat a leisurely breakfast though and no rushing around to be at work. On Sunday, Brian's cousin Stephanie welcomed a baby boy! Josiah Kamien Brinkley weighed in at 7lbs, 4oz and is a cutie for sure! We headed up to the hospital on Monday to go meet him.
Hello Josiah!

Brian's Aunt Pam and Uncle Kam with their grandson

Josiah and Brian
We didn't stay very long but I'm so glad we got to meet him. Josiah was born at Baylor Dallas which is where Mallory was born. It was crazy to me that the last time we were there, we were meeting Mallory for the first time. Brian was showing me where the nursery was to see all the newborn babies. There were so many parts of the hospital that I didn't see because I was in my room all the time except for when I went in for my c-section. It was nice to be a visitor this time!
After we left the hospital, we headed to my parent's house. We got to hang out with my brother, Ryan, sister-in-law, Kate, niece, Eva and parents. It's so much fun seeing Mallory and Eva interact with each other now. They both were so happy to see each other!

This piggy bank is Mallory's favorite toy at Nana and Papa's.

The sweet cousins playing together.
We enjoyed some yummy bbq and my mom made my favorite cake: yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. Yummo!! We played cards and then packed it up to head home. Brian is coaching our nephew Cade's flag football team and they had practice Monday night. They have their first game this Saturday. Go Jackets!!
That was our Labor Day! Back to work - at least it's a 4 day work week! Yay!

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Josiah is such a cutie!!