Thursday, August 30, 2012

15 Months Old!

Mallory is 15 Months Old!
Baby girl! I can't believe you are 15 months old. I know I say that every month but it's the truth - you are growing so fast! I love watching you grow and seeing you learn new things! We went for your 15 month well visit yesterday and you are 24.6 lbs (75th percentile) and you are 31 1/4" tall (75th percentile). You had a big growth spurt in the height department these last three months! You got three more shots and handled them well. I always handle them worse than you. I need a hug from you as much as you need me to hold you when it's over.
You are an eating machine! I'm pretty sure you would eat all day if I let you. You have many favorites when it comes to food: eggs (scrambled or hard-boiled), mini blueberry muffins, rice chex cereal, turkey, string cheese, green beans, applesauce, raisins, goldfish, chicken nuggets, graham crackers, pb & j's & mac and cheese (which you don't eat often, but when we do give it to you, you see how fast you can stuff it in your mouth - ha!)

You love to talk. Loudly. Your dad and I were wondering if you were born with an inside voice because when you talk, everybody can hear. But that's ok, we love to hear you talk and I love hear you say new words. You say "da-da" all the time, "ma-ma" usually when you are upset and need me, "uh-oh" usually when you throw something down on purpose :), "bye-bye", "daisy" (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"), "ba-ba" for baby and sometimes "thank-you."
You want to be on the go All. The. Time. You walk and run around everywhere! If you are held too long, you get antsy and want to get down. You do not like to sit still and even trying to get a photo for this blog was trying in itself.  If you get a hold of something you know you aren't supposed to have, when we see you, you will run as fast as you can away from us and sometimes I'm laughing the whole time to catch because you are just so darn cute.

You love your books! You love to turn the pages and to point to all of the things you know. Some of your favorite books are Blue Bird, Blue Bird, Bible Stories for Girls & Elmo's Photo Book. You love your Woody & Jessi dolls as well as your Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby toys. You love to talk on your Minnie Mouse phone and act like you are calling somebody. You also like to pull all the toys out as soon as I put them all up. 
You are in size 4 diapers, wear size 4 shoes and 18 month clothes. You go to bed around 8:30 pm at night and I usually wake you up a little before 7:00 am to get you ready for the day. Sometimes you take a morning nap but you usually take a 2 hr afternoon nap. You don't like being rocked to sleep and I miss those snuggles but you are good about laying down and going to sleep when we take you to bed.
Mallory, we love you so very much and I love just being with you! Happy 15 months sweet girl!!


katebradley said...

My niece is soooo beautiful!!! Can't wait to give her kisses next weekend! Eva says Dada way more than Mama too, and just like Mallory, she says it mostly when she wants me to help her or to stop doing something.

Diana said...
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Diana said...

She is precious! & I love her cheeks!

I had to delete my last comment due to grammar error:)

The Killough's said...

She's getting so big!!
She is so stinkin cute and I am LOVING her hair!!

Kati said...

Can't believe she's getting so big. Such a fun age :)