Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1) I'm LOVING Pigtails!!!

Isn't she cute?? I thought I would try pigtails since her hair was long enough to go into a ponytail on Sunday. I've shared this pic as much as possible because I think she looks precious!

2) I'm loving Playdates!

I thought I had to work all this week but my boss said that I didn't have to work Tuesday or Wednesday (yay!) so Mallory and I got to go to our friend Lacey & Jaden's house for a play date. Right behind their backyard is a pond with ducks so we all went out to feed them.

There were at least 30 of the ducks that came for food. My child, instead of throwing the food down for the ducks, ate the bread I gave to her. Ha! She's usually not told to throw her food down so how was she to know?? :)

Liam and Mallory hanging out watching the ducks

3) I'm loving Mallory's new Toy Story toys

This morning, we stopped by to see Auntie and cousins Caleb & Cade. We were talking about how much Mallory loves Toy Story and Stephanie asked Cade to bring out his old Toy Story toys for Mallory to play with. She Loves Them!

This isn't the best pic but I took it secretly so Mallory wouldn't see me. I looked back at her on our way home and she was holding Woody up, looking at him and smiling big. Sweet

I didn't even tell her to hug him, she was already doing it by the time I got this pic :)

And after pulling into the garage, she had fallen asleep with Woody in her arms. Thanks Auntie & Cousins!

That's all from here! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

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Kati said...

She's so sweet with those toys. So funny how they get attached to certain characters :>