Monday, August 20, 2012

The Longest Ride of My Life

Saturday. We had our day planned and it's true that you never know what each day will hold! I was really looking forward to this past Saturday because I had a Brian's cousin's baby shower to attend and my good friend Leilani was Finally marrying her man, Keith! I say finally because there were many a conversation on when she would move back to Texas, when they would get engaged, etc... God had a plan for them and Saturday was their day!

Stephanie is expecting Josiah this month - we cannot wait to meet him! Since we were going to be on the go so much on Saturday, my parents offered to keep Mallory Friday night and she went with them to East Texas to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. I knew it would be easier on both of us if she was with them instead of taking her place to place plus the wedding was at 2pm - right in the middle of naptime. We do not want to miss that :)

The wedding was beautiful and we stayed at the reception until Keith & Leilani came. I got to say a quick hi to Leilani and then we headed out. Brian went to get our car since it was pouring down rain and as I was walking out to get in the car I saw I had a missed call from my Dad. I thought he was calling to tell me that they were close to our house so we could get Mallory. That's not why he was calling. All I really remember him saying was Ambulance and Headed to the Hospital. Brian pulled up and I got in the car and Dad had already talked to Brian and I could see the fear in his face. Brian could barely tell me what was going on because he was very shook up so I called Dad back and he said they were about to take Mallory in the ambulance to the hospital because they think she had an allergic reaction to something and her lips and eyes were very swollen and she had welts all over her body.

I knew we had to run home because I had to change clothes and Brian called his brother Rob to ask if he could drive us to the hospital ( 1 hour & 1/2 away ) because we both knew we weren't emotionally stable enough to drive. Thankfully he came and we hit the road. I'm so grateful there were no police officers on I-20 as we drove because Rob was booking it! It still felt like we were never going to get there. I called my Mom as we were on our way and they were in the ambulance. I could hear Mallory crying and Mom said that was good because that meant her airwaves were clear and that it was ok. I told them to call me as soon as they got to the ER. About 20 minutes later, the ER Dr called me and told me it was an allergic reaction, that she had severe swelling but thankfully her airwaves were clear and her tongue had not swelled. He said he called because he did not want us to speed so much and get in a wreck on our way to the hospital. He was so nice and did calm me down some.

We finally got to Tyler ( in record time, thanks Rob! ) and he dropped us off, my Dad met us out front and showed us where Mallory was. I walked in and my Mom was holding my baby. She was asleep but had many wires hooked up to her. Not easy to see your baby like that! But she was restful in my Mom's arms and I was grateful for that! I went to get her and tried to keep her asleep but she woke up when I was getting her. But she laid down on me for a little bit but I could see how miserable she was - poor thing.

This is when I finally got to her

You can see the swelling on her eyes and lips. I just wanted to make it all better!

Once we got there, the Dr came in and I was able to thank him for the call. He said he wanted her to stay in the ER awhile longer so he could see if the swelling went down. If it didn't, he would admit her. We hoped that the swelling would go down because it wasn't easy keeping Mallory still with all the wires hooked up to her. We took turns holding her and trying to enteratin her. Thank goodness for iPhones!

My Mom letting her play with her iPhone

And then we set up my phone so she could watch Mickey Mouse. Woody made the trip too for support.

After a couple of hours there, her Smile came back

Her favorite Mickey Mouse song came on and she clapped and danced. We were so happy to see her back to her old self. Plus the swelling had gone down dramatically! I don't even remember what time the Dr came back but when he did, he told us she looked better and that she could go home!

We tried to keep her entertained as they took the IV out of her and un-hooked her from everything.

The Dr sent us home with a prescription for an EpiPen - a shot for us to have in case she ever has a severe reaction like this again. We were all hungry when we left so we made a stop by Whataburger for some food.

All of this did not affect her appetite - ha! Once we were full, we loaded up and headed home.

She fell fast asleep on the way home. I was so happy she was able to rest!

We still don't know what caused the allergic reaction. We are pretty sure it wasn't anything she ate. My parents said she was playing outside and was walking in the grass and by flowers when it happened. We think it may have been something they sprayed on the grass or the flowers. She's been bitten by ants before and there isn't a place on her body where it looks like she was stung by a wasp or bee. We will be heading to an allergist soon to see.

Sunday, she was great - back to her normal fun self! She still had some red spots on her body but everything else was good. Thank the Lord! Just sititng here thinking about it all, I'm so grateful for our family and their quick reaction to take care of Mallory. My parents were Amazing and I'm so glad she was in their care. They took such good care of her and I know she is always in good hands with Papa & Nana!

I'm also thankful to all of our family and friends who called & texted to say they were praying! It's always good to know you and your family are being lifted up in prayer! I'm grateful for God's healing and that Mallory is much better! We got in many extra snuggles yesterday :)


The zercher Family said...

My stomach was doing flips the whole night until I heard she was ok! Poor sweet girl.

Luanne said...

oh my gosh, Amanda. So sorry you had to go through that. It's so hard to see our babies hooked up like that.
Thank the Lord it wasn't anything more serious.
We'll be praying you find out what caused it.
Poor baby :(

Kati said...

I'm SO glad sweet Mallory is ok! I was upset when you texted me what was going on...I prayed several times and was tearing up about to go in the grocery store. Thank you Jesus for protecting Mallory that night and letting ya'll get to her quickly. So hard to see our babies hurting at any time!