Monday, August 27, 2012


I meant to blog last week but it kind of got put on the back burner as I figured out our new routine. This past week was my first full week at work since February so I knew it would take some getting used to and I think we all got back into the working routine well.  People have asked how I like my job and the honest answer is, so far: it's wonderful. The people are great and when I leave work, it takes me 5 minutes to get to Mallory's day care or to my parent's house to pick her up. It used to take me, at the least, an hour (depending on traffic) to get home to her so this is such a huge blessing. And I have a good amount of the day left to spend with her. I'm very thankful!
This weekend, we had a lot of family time and I loved it all. Friday night, like a lot of evenings, when Mallory gets done with dinner we will go outside and draw with chalk on the driveway and let her run around. She loves it!
Whenever you tell Mallory to give you a kiss, it's always an open-mouth kiss and I finally got a picture of it :)

Look at her art skills - ha! This is one of the few pics when she wasn't running around or trying to eat the chalk
Saturday night, we went out to eat to celebrate me going back to work. We went to Watters Creek in Allen and ate at The Chessecake Factory. It was very very good!

They have bronze horses and ducks around the creek Mallory got her first picture on a horse. She loved being up so high.
Sunday morning, Mallory got promoted and moved across the hall at church to the Toddlers A classroom. I am sad we had to say goodbye to Ms. Gay and Ms. Allison but I'm grateful she got to be with them!

Mallory is with her friend Karlyn in this room so I was happy they are together!
Well,  this was taken before we left but somebody's hair is getting so long and crazy, the only thing we can do is to put it in pigtails these days. I think it's so cute! After church, we headed over to Brian's Uncle & Aunts for lunch with them and his cousins. It was very good and then we headed home for nap time. I think we all were out when we got home.
Now, the lunches are made and we are ready for this new week. I am praying for all of my teacher friends and all the students starting back! Good luck to Caleb, Cade, Kiersi & Kayden (her first day of kindergarten is today!)  Have a wonderful week!


Ashley Zercher said...

I feel like I haven't seen y'll in for ever! a weekend lunch date is a must! see you soon :)

Lyndsey said...

Ahhh they got promoted!!! I was hoping this wasn't until after we got back :(

I'm glad you had a great first week!