Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I know that I don't share enough about how blessed I am to have Brian Estes as my husband. He does so much for Mallory and I and we are both so grateful for him. Since I've started back to work, he's continually asked me if there is anything he can do help me to get ready for the day. And of course, I've taken him up on his offer.
I'm so proud of all he does at work and this past Sunday morning I was so proud to see his name in our church bulletin as one of 5 men in our church who have been selected to serve as deacons.
I remember when he got the letter in the mail that he had been nominated. He was so humbled and grateful. When a couple of the deacons came to our house to meet with our family, I was so worried about Mallory running around and getting into everything, but hey, that's our family! We all had a great talk and we were very encouraged when they left.
A couple of weeks later, Brian was told he had been selected to be a deacon at our church and I was and am so proud of him! I know he will do a great job! He loves Jesus and wants to serve Him in all he does. Congrats Brian! We Love You!

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Kati said...

I was excited to see his name in there too! What a great honor :)