Thursday, May 17, 2012

She's Everywhere!

It's been so great catching up on blogging! It's like I got part of my life back again. Sad, I know but true! Mallory has grown and changed so much in the past month! So let's play a little catch-up.

I did have the child that was never going to crawl - just go straight to walking, just like everybody said. But on April 5, while she was at my parent's house, she decided at 10 1/2 months, it was time to start crawling and that she did. Her crawl is to push with one leg and drag the other but it got her from here to there and where she needed to be. Crawling = done.

And then, a month and one day later, May 6, she decided it was time to walk. I honestly assumed since she picked up crawling and loved being able to do that, that she would start walking later but what do I know? I came home from Bible Study that Sunday and Brian told me to watch her take her steps and there she went. The next day, she couldn't be stopped. She would laugh so hard while she walked that she would fall and get upset that she fell. Just seeing her little legs walk is so cute. She still gets frustrated that she can't just pick herself up and go when she falls - she has to crawl to a wall or couch to pull herself up but that will come in time too.

The pic is blurry because she is on the go and she loves it!

What else have she been doing?  Well, here are some pics to show what she's been up to.

We've been to the park and loved swinging in the swings with Liam

Been trying to play with the remote all of the time. She loves to play with what she can't have.

Watched daddy mow the lawn but called for him even though he couldn't hear her

Went to a goodbye party for our friends, The Meeks, and hung out with her friend Karlyn

Been trying to get over the gate we put up to keep her from getting into the kitchen and kitchen cabinets. In the photo above, she was trying to figure out how to get her blocks that she threw over the gate.

Been singing along with the National Anthem before the Texas Rangers game while sitting in her toy bin

Been napping in the most awkard positions

Has let her hair grow longer and has not been combing it down :)

Has been taking over other friend's toys. Trying to learn to share :)

And finally, been practicing before her birthday party. I don't think she'll have a problem with her smash cake!

And that's a wrap. I do love this little girl very much and love getting to see all the new things she learns everyday!

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