Monday, May 21, 2012

Mallory is 1 Year Old!

Happy 1st Birthday Mallory!!!

Dear Mallory Anne,

Happy 1st Birthday pretty girl! We love you so very much! I cannot believe that it has been a year since you made your grand entrance into this world. We were so excited to meet you and every day since the day you were born has been the best of our lives. Your smile is infectious. Everybody tells us what a happy baby you are and it's true! You love to laugh and smile and do it often. Every morning you wake up with a smile on your face - oh how I wish I was like you in that regard. You think your Daddy is the best person ever and smile so big every time he walks into the room. You say Dad all the time! I love your hugs and I love how you walk to me with a big grin on your face. All of your family loves you dearly and you have some great friends that we can't wait to see all of you grow up together! We thank God every day that he blessed us with you!

Now that you are walking all over the place, you think you are such a big girl and want to go everywhere! It is so fun to see you grow and learn new things. You do not like to sit still but when there are the times that we get to cuddle, I soak it up. You like to give hugs now and give open mouth kisses. You like to wave hi and bye to everybody and are starting to use your inside voice and not talk at the top of your lungs everytime. I know you are just like your mom when talking - you just want to be heard! We can't wait to see what your this next year of your life will hold but we are so glad we get to be there every step of the way! There aren't enough words to express how much we love and care for you and we wish you a huge Happy 1st Birthday!

I entered the world on the 21st of May

3 weeks early, 5 lbs, 12 oz, a day my parents will always remember, they say.

Those first few months I didn't do much at all

My parents were told, “Enjoy this time while she is small.”

Once I discovered I could move around by my own might,

It’s been non-stop action morning ‘till night.

At 7 months, my first tooth finally broke through,

And it did not put me in a good mood.

On April 5, I took off crawling across the floor,

It took a while but I was finally going where I had never gone before.

The first time I tried putting one foot in front of the other,

I was 11 months old, and I walked to my mother.

I practiced walking all day and into the night,

And now I'm getting it just right!

“Ma-Ma” and "Bye-Bye" are words I now can say,

But “Dad” is what you will hear most of the day.

As you can see I’ve had a busy year

Hard to believe my 1st birthday is already here.


The Killough's said...

Happy birthday Mallory!!! I can't believe it's already been a year!!!

Lyndsey said...

Happy Birthday Mallory!! You were the cutest birthday girl I've ever seen! I'm so thankful Liam has a sweet friend like you to grow up with! Have a special day with your Mommy!

Kati said...

What a sweet poem! We love you Mallory!! So glad we got to celebrate your birthday with you. :-)

katebradley said...

Happy Birthday to our beautiful niece, Mallory! We love you! And that poem made me tear up a little bit :)

Three Calhouns said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mallory!!