Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Mother's Day

What a wonderful first Mother's Day! Before I tell about my first Mother's Day, I kept thinking that last year's Mother's Day, I was almost 37 weeks and knew that Mother's Day would be the last Sunday I would go to church before I had Mallory because I could barely walk two steps without my blood pressure rising sky high. Little did I know that Mallory would be born 6 days later!

Fast forward to this year and my first Mother's Day! Mallory and Brian spoiled me and it was really one of the best days I've had with my little girl.

Me and my little girl before heading to church.

Earlier in the morning as we were getting ready, Mallory walked in with a card in her hand. She wasn't really wanting to give it to me because she was having so much fun holding it but I finally got to open and it was a beautiful card with a note from Brian and Mallory. They gave me cash that I'm supposed to spend on just me and a pair of Yellow Box flip flops. I've had my black sequin ones forever and they are on their last leg so Brian wanted me to have some new ones. He knows me so well! Even better, he said they were having a sale! Sweet :)

I was happy to see the yellow and white box!

I had to get a picture of Mallory in her pretty white dress. She is getting too big, too fast :/

I was so excited that Zoey was going to be dedicated at church Sunday morning too! I love that they do baby dedication on Mother's Day - such a special day!

Zoey was so excited to be at church for the first time :)

After church, Brian said I could choose where to eat and after looking back to see that Mallory was already out as soon as we left the church parking lot, I chose Whataburger so we could go home and eat and Mallory could nap.

It was a good meal!

Sunday afternoon, we headed over to my parent's house to celebrate my Mom for Mother's Day.

Love this pic of me, my mom and daughter

My Dad and Kayden waiting to eat

My brother and sister-in-law aren't going to be able to make it to Mallory's party because they have to go to a wedding so she got to open her present from them on Sunday. We also gave our nieces, Kiersi and Kayden their birthday presents ( Kiersi's birthday is at the beginning of May and Kayden's is at the end) too so it was Mother's Day/Birthday celebration.

Mallory saying that she is going to be one next week :)

Then, it was present time. Mallory is getting good at opening presents. However, she usually pulls the paper out, then pulls the present out and wants to play with the bag or the paper :)

Her cousin Eva got her some books so her Dad read one of them to her

Nana with all of her granddaughters.

It was really a wonderful day! Being with all my family on Mother's Day was great! I'm so grateful that God is allowing me to be Mallory's Mother. I'm still learning things everyday and have a long way to go but having my mother and grandmother as good Christian examples, I'm glad I can learn from them.


Lyndsey said...

Aw, I love all these pictures! Especially the one of you, Mal, and your mom and the one with Mallory in her sweet white dress! Sounds like the perfect 1st Mother's Day! I can't wait to watch Mallory open all her gifts at her party!!

The Killough's said...

It sounds so funny when I read, "Mallory walked in..."! I can't believe she's walking all the time now!!
I'm glad you had a great 1st Mother's day!!