Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Play Date

This morning, we headed out to our friend's Brettni & Wyatt's house for a St. Patrick's Day play date. She told us to wear green and she said we were going to do a craft. I was really looking forward to it because I absolutely love all the ladies in our Sunday School class. It's so fun to let our kids play with each other and for us to chat it up!

Before we left, today's subject for my Instagram Photo of A Day was Sunglasses so I put Mallory's sunglasses on her but she was in no mood. This is what I got:

I know, Mother of the Year, for taking the photo while she was mad but this is just proof she isn't happy all of the time. She was telling me "I don't want to wear these and I wish you stop putting them back on me for a photo"

After all that fun, we headed to Brettni's and when we got there, she had it all cutely decorated

She also had some treats for us. All of the food was very good!

I might have had one or two pretzels and the spinach parmesan balls were wonderful!

Brettni had made some magnets and all the kids could decorate them.

I think Mallory did a great job :) I enjoyed making it for her

After crafting, it was play time. Our friend Liam was there to play - look at his St. Patty Day socks!

Then we attempted to take a picture of all of the kids but this is the best I could get :)

Jacolin, Mallory (who has her hand in Jacolin's face :/ ), Ross, Wyatt, Liam, Layla & Ella

We had the best time as you can tell my little miss's face

And she crashed as soon as we got home - she played so hard!

I am grateful for the Mom friends that God has blessed me with and friends for Mallory to play with. I can't wait to see them all grow up together!

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