Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Weekend in iPhone pics - March 2 - 4, 2012

Happy Monday to You! We had a pretty restful weekend and it was so nice. I think we were all able to have a good nap sometime over the weekend and now, we are ready for the week!

Friday dinner date night was dinner in so we just picked up what we wanted. Brian didn't want La Madeleine with me so Cotton Patch it was for him

The Chicken Ceaser Sandwich from La Madeleine is my absolute favorite!

Saturday morning, we slept in, or I did. Brian is kind on Saturday mornings and gets up with Mallory and lets me sleep in a little extra. She is saying "dada" now and Saturday morning she did when she woke up so I told him she was calling for him! She also just wants to stand all day long but still not wanting to pull her own self up so there is a lot of whining when she can't figure out how to get back up. Fun times. She did make her way though from standing on the outside of the exercauser to the coffee table.

Where do I go now??

Saturday morning, my nieces had their first soccer game and my mom sent me the pics of them in their uniforms

I can't believe they are old enough to be playing - they look so big! I can't wait to go watch them play

We did head out to Lowes, Hobby Lobby, and other places just to get out and look around.

Hobby Lobby has all their Easter stuff out and it is so cute! So many Easter baskets to choose from!

Saturday night, I made spaghetti but we did got out to get dessert. Once Mallory fell asleep and we enjoyed the evening watching "Restuarant Impossible" - we love that show :)

I love him!

Sunday morning, we had a great time worshipping at church and then went to eat afterwards with our class at Dickey's BBQ. Brian was so excited to get some more cups. haha. Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Jill & Cooper's to celebrate Cooper's 24th birthday - yes, he's so young compared to us old folks. They had a crawfish boil and I did try one myself!

We consider them our family and we had the best time! More pics tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


April @ said...

Cotton Patch AND LeMadeleine?! I MISS them!! We used to live in the north Texas area and I became addicted to Le M's Croque Monsieurs and Tomato Basil soup! My husband is from east Texas and Cotton Patch is a staple in those areas!

Your little girl is SO cute! Thanks for linking your blog so I could read it! I love it!

Lyndsey said...

Is that a milkshake in Brian's hand?? Because now I realllly want one! I love at home date nights too - especially now that we've discovered redbox!