Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Fun Day

Yesterday, we had a fun day out and about. It was a beautiful day outside and I was happy for both of us to get out and enjoy it!

Mallory was happy about it too

I like this picture even though it's blurry because of her big smile and I had her bow differently in her hair and I thought it was so cute!

We started out by meeting Brian's Aunt Pam at Firewheel. We strolled around from store to store. We found some great things at Kirklands - I love that store! It also had this:

It made me think of Brian, my dad, my brothers, brother-in-law, well, all the men in my life.

We also had to shop for Mallory! Pam was so sweet and got her the cutest sunglasses

She wore them for about a second and then wanted to play with them. I love this pic!

She also got her some great clothes! So nice!

Love them all!

We finished up by eating at Brooklyn's Pizza

My child always has to have something in her mouth! Thanks Aunt Pam for a fun day!

Brian had to work last night so we headed over to my parent's house. Mallory loves seeing her Nana and Papa. We went to Denny's for dinner. Mallory enjoyed her eggs and panckaes

When we got ready to leave, we saw eggs and pancakes all on the floor. Guess some food missed her mouth. Sorry Denny's!

Mallory loves it when her Nana sings to her

Once again, I'm reminded at how blessed Brian and I are to be apart of the families that God has given us. Mallory and I had the best time and now we are looking forward to the weekend to spend time with Daddy!

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