Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I love the Instgram App! I love the iPhone for many reasons and the Instagram app is one of them. I'm sure in due time, another app will come along and we will look back and say "remember when we just used the instagram app" and laugh but until then, I'm using it and loving it! It's such a good way to share photos and to have fun editing them different ways.

I love a lot of the photos that I put on Instagram and I saw on my friend Molly's blog, that you can order your Instagram pics. It's an app called PostalPix and I can't wait to order some of my favorite pics I've uploaded. Mostly, if not all, of Mallory :)

I wanted to share that with all my Instagram friends. I love seeing everybody's pics! I'm great at uploading the pics from my camera/phone but I need to order them to have them physically and since most of my pics are from my phone these days, I'm happy to be able to get them! I'm pretty sure you can print all pics on your phone, not just Instagram ones.

This month, I joined the March Photo A Day fun on Instagram. Each day has a subject or something to take a pic of and I love seeing everybody's interpretations.

Here are days 1-7

Day 1: Up - One of my favorite movies! I cry in the first 10 minutes everytime.

Day 2: Fruit = Fruit of the Spirit

Day 3: Our Neighborhood

Day 4: Bedside - This is it at night. Thankful for the video monitor so I can watch my baby sleep (or roll around most nights)

Day 5: A Smile - double the smile today from my favorite girl and my BFF

Day 6: 5pm - Always listened to the Family Fun 5 @ 5pm on KLTY on my drive home.

Day 7: Something You Wore - wore my Yellow Box flip-flops yesterday. Soooo comfortable.

Happy Wednesday!

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