Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Love of My Life!

Brian, we love you so much! I couldn't help but take the opportunity today to put up some old pics of your cute self to celebrate the day!

Still a fisherman today

Now I understand why you want to part Mallory's hair down the middle all the time now :)

Baseball star then/Softball star now!

Sweet brothers!

You are loved by so many people!

Including these two wonderful nephews who love their B!

Brian, you are an amazing Christian husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, etc... You work so hard everyday and will do anything for anyone! I'm so blessed to be your wife!

Our lives forever changed 10 months ago and you are a great Father!

I love this picture of Mallory in your hands because you are her protector

She loves you so much and smiles the biggest smile everytime you walk into a room

Happy Happy Birthday from your two biggest fans!

Amanda & Mallory


Lyndsey said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!

Kati said...

Happy Birthday BRIAN! Great post by your lovely wife :-)