Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our New Home

I'm so excited to say that Brian and I are now officially homeowners!

After looking at many houses and much prayer, we found the house that would fit our family and we hopped on it. It's been a long process to get here but we made it. We started looking at houses in 2010 but decided on our townhome since it would be brand new and we got to choose which one we wanted and where. We started looking again in 2011 when I was pregnant with Mallory but then I was put on bed rest and we had to stop looking but starting earlier this year, we knew that we were ready to get out of our townhome and find a house and thankfully we did!

It was nice to hear from our realtor, Jimmie, that they had accepted our offer. We had heard either they didn't accept our offer or someone offered more so many times that it was great to hear different. Yesterday, we headed down to the title office to sign all the paperwork to get the house.

Our realtor Jimmie, met us there and I know he was just as excited for us as we were. He's been with us through this whole journey and we are thankful for him!

I had to take a picture of this because they have many pens and reading glasses since there are soooo many papers to sign, they have everything you need. We were warned that our hands would get tired from signing everything and they were correct!

Signing, signing and signing more. We laughed at the paper that said our last payment would be April 1, 2042. Not too far away :)

All done and paperwork in hand.

After sighning our life away, Brian and I headed over to the house. There are some things that we want to do before we move in so we went over to make a list of things we had to do before moved in and things we want to do either before of after we move in.

We're home!

Last night, we brought Mallory over to her new home! I brought the toy she loves to walk with over so she could walk all over the house. Our townhome has no room for her to walk far and she gets frustrated when she gets stuck so she had lots of room to walk and she loved it!

Look at her go!

Our first family picture in our new place! We are extremely excited and blessed!


Lyndsey said...

Woohoo - let's get some paint brushes!

Kati said...

Love it!! So excited for you guys and Mallory looks thrilled to have some more room to roam. :-)

Yay! And we need to have a house-warming party :>

Josh and Shan said...


I second that Kati. House warming party is a must!