Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Tuesday night, we went to Pam & Kam's house ( Brian's aunt and uncle ) to celebrate Brian's birthday. Brian had requested his Aunt Pam make chicken fried steak for his birthday so that's what he got. It was BYOK - bring your own ketchup - because Brian loves ketchup...with everything!

He came prepared and was looking forward to eating his birthday meal.

The Estes boys - minus Cade - we missed him and Steph. Caleb is getting so tall!

Mallory was excited to celebrate Daddy's birthday and was happy to see cousin Caleb.

Chicken Fried Steak Time!

When it is your birthday at Pam & Kam's you get to eat off of the Birthday plate!

It was soooo good! Thanks Aunt Pam for a wonderful dinner!

Brian also requested banana pudding for his birthday dessert and his grandmother was happy to make it for him

Mallory got to have banana pudding for the first time and she was a fan!

Finally, it was time for presents. In Brian's family, there has been a present that's been passed around for a long time. It was Brian's turn to get it

It's a figurine of lady singing. It's going to look great on our new mantle!

Right above the mantle, this picture will go. This was another funny gift his cousin had received and now we have it. Yay for us :)

Along with those fine gifts, Brian got some nice Lowe's gift cards for the house. That is what he had requested so he can get a new lawnmower and stuff for the house.

Posing with our new lawn equipment Foster and Abbi gave him

We all had a wonderful evening celebrating Brian! It was a fun time with family and I know Brian had a great day! Here's to year 32 Brian!

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Lyndsey said...

That's hilarious that y'all pass down gag gifts! I'm thinking we should pick a living room color from the painting so it will match :)