Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peas Please

We know that Mallory enjoys her some rice cereal and oatmeal so last night I decided to pull out some new food just to try and see what she thought. Last night's food of choice was:

At first, she wasn't sure about it and then, I think she started to like it

Sorry for my finger in the shot - that's what happens when you've got to grab the iPhone fast to make sure you don't miss the picture!

She actually did enjoy the peas and didn't make too much of a mess. I love that Brian and I can sit down to dinner and she sits by us in her high chair and we all eat together at the family table!

This morning Mallory and I headed to the Dr for a follow-up. Like I said, the breathing treatments really did help and the Dr said that she looked and sounded much better! She is so active, she didn't want to stay still for them to look in her ears and listen to her breathe but other than that, she was a good patient. Even after spitting up all over me :)

Me and my girl playing around before the Dr came in!

I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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Lyndsey said...

Way to eat those peas Miss Mallory! I always feed Liam before Will gets home, but I hope we can sit down and have meals together soon!