Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Bronchiolitis has been the word around our house. Mallory has been congested but she started getting an ugly cough that just wouldn't go away. Of course it decided to get worse as soon as I left for OKC - so Brian being the super Dad he is, took Mallory to the Dr on Thursday. She had a small ear infection and Bronchiolitis - which explains the cough. Thankfully no RSV! So to make it go away - we got Sammy the Seal to start breathing treatments.

Don't let his smile deceive you - breathing treatments aren't the easiest thing to do with a 5 month old. Brian said the first time she didn't like it all and then the next time it was fine. And everytime since then, it has been screams everytime. No fun. It's always hard seeing your child cry but I keep telling her it's to help her feel better and it really has. The cough is gone and she feels so much better!

So yesterday morning, I decided to try a new way. I set her in my lap and rocked her while the treatment started and .... no tears! She's not smiling but she's not crying and I'll take that! I'm so grateful for doctors and medicine! I'll do whatever it takes to make the little girl I love so much feel better! Here's to more smiles and less sickness!

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Kati said...

That's cute! I'm sorry she (and ya'll!) have had to deal with that. Here's to a healthy happy Mallory!