Monday, October 3, 2011

Here She Grows

Happy Monday! I took the above picture as we were flying over Lake Michigan headed home yesterday. It was such a beautiful sunrise as I was headed home. God's artwork is so amazing! I usually take the earliest flight home on Sundays so I can get home to my family. I was thankful to be home by 11am yesterday and spent the day snuggling my little girl. We had a great event in Milwaukee and the most rewarding thing is knowing 488 ladies made a decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior into their heart!

When I got home and got Mallory in my arms, it just seemed like she had grown since I had left. Who let her grow while I was gone?? She is just so fun and it was so great to see that toothless grin again. A couple of nights ago, Brian set up Mallory's highchair and last night we put her in it for the first time.

Mallory loved her highchair. She kept smiling!

Getting ready to feed her some rice cereal and she is looking at me thinking why are you taking my picture and not feeding me?

She did much better eating tonight. She did wear some of it but she is learning to swallow the cereal and not spit it all out. My mom said she looked so big sitting in her highchair and I agree!

This week I need to shop for Mallory and get her some fall/winter clothes. We have a ton of onesies and dresses but need to get some long sleeved tops for when it does start getting pretty chilly. I'm looking forward to taking Mallory to a pumpkin patch and taking some pictures too. Anybody know of any good pumpkin patches around to get some good pics?

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my older brother, Greg! We Love You!

Praying you all have a wonderful week!

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