Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This past weekend in Milwaukee I had the opportunity to go in and listen to Angie Smith speak. It's usually hit and miss on when I get to go in and listen to the event because I'm on call 24/7 all weekend so I never know when I'll be needed. This past weekend I was excited to have the time to just go in and sit and listen.

I got to meet Angie for the first time last year in Omaha, NE when she came to check out Women of Faith. I had first heard about her from my friend Shannon, and I took this picture for Shannon and told Angie that she was a fan. Little did I know, how big of a fan I would become of hers.

Angie joined our Imagine tour this year and although I had followed her blog and read her story about her daughter, Audrey, I really didn't know that much about her. When she got on the platform, she was honest and said she was nervous and then poured her heart out to all the ladies in the arena. She was funny, vulnerable, etc... It felt like she resonated with each lady there. She told the story about Audrey and how even though they lost their little girl, Audrey had weight in this world, even if it was only for the 2 hours she lived. If you haven't read her story, I would encourage you to.

She used the story of Peter walking on water towards Jesus and then as he started to sink he reached out towards the One he knew would rescue him. And that's how she and I want to be. When we are sinking and we are doing everything we can to keep ourselves above water, do we turn back to the ship of the world, our job, drugs, alcohcol, etc... or do we reach out to Jesus and let him rescue us?

Angie's new book "What Women Fear" is now out and I can't wait to read it! As she talked last weekend, she was open about her fear of public speaking and other fears. I think we as women all have the same fears sometime. I know for me I fear that I won't be a good mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, etc... I fear that people don't see Christ in my life and that's the #1 thing people need to know - how good He is and how God can work and change your life like He has in mine!

And that's all I got today! Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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Josh and Shan said...

I will meet her one day!! I just reading that book and already love it.