Friday, September 2, 2011

Crockpotalooza - Roast

I thought I would join in all the fun and give you my favorite crock-pot recipe. It's actually my sister-in-law, Stephanie's recipe. She gave it to me when Brian and I got married and we have loved eating it ever since. And all of you that know me, know that I did not get my mother's cooking gene but I'm trying! This recipe is our favorite Sunday lunch recipe. There's nothing better than coming home from church and smelling the roast in the air!

Before I give you the recipe, I have to suggest the product below:

Slow Cook Liners - Best Invention ever - putting a liner in makes for easy, fast clean-up! Use it when you use your crock-pot and you won't regret it!

Now to the recipe, It is a simple roast recipe and only requires the three following ingredients:


Heinz 57 Sauce or Great Value - doesn't matter!

20 oz Coca-Cola

    Here we go:

    Set the roast in the crock-pot

    Pour half of the Heinz 57 sauce on the roast

    Pour all of the Coca-Cola on the roast

    Pour the rest of the Heinz 57 sauce on the roast

    Set on low for 6 hours

    After 6 hours, you will have the most tender, juicy, tasty roast!

    Must be served with mashed potatoes, green beans and Sister Shubert dinner rolls - that's how we do it in the Estes household.

    Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend! God Bless!

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    morningfeather said...

    I'm trying this recipe today but for future reference, what size Heinz 57 do you use? Thank you!