Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Good news from the Estes household: Our baby girl is sleeping through the night - can we get a Hallelujah??? And by sleeping through the night - I don't mean the 6 hours it says sleeping through the night is in the baby books - I'm talking - an 8 hour stretch that her parents sleep. She does squirm around some around 3am or 4am but for then goes right back to sleep!

Usually in the mornings, I get up and ready and then I wake Mallory up to get her ready to go to daycare. Every morning, I lay her on her the changing pad and she stretches for the longest time. It is the cutest. I talk to her and say Good Morning and after she stretches for a couple of minutes, she slowly opens her eyes and smiles the biggest sweetest smile ever!!

So, I decided to grab my iPhone and take pictures of it this morning. Here we go:

What's going on???


BIG Streeeeetch

Where am I at?

There's Mom!!! But why is she taking my picture this early in the morning??

I love the morning time with Mallory. I just wish I had more time to play before she goes to daycare but I enjoy the few minutes we have to get her ready to go!

Happy Wednesday!


Josh and Shan said...

Ohmyword!!!!!!! So cute! And those chubby little thighs are precious!

Tara Moffatt said...

Look at those cute rolls of fat. I need to hold her:)

Lyndsey said...


morning is my favorite time too!

Gay Miller said...

i love those chunky monkey legs.


Goob said...

cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!

Kati said...

so adorable. we need another play date soon :>