Monday, August 29, 2011

The Weekend in iPhone pics

I cannot say how thankful I am for the iPhone because I have been able to capture so many cute pictures of Mallory that I wouldn't have otherwise if I was running to get my camera and get back. It really is nice to have and it takes good pictures!

Anywho, Friday night, Mallory, My Mom, her friend, Danette and I headed to the American Airlines Center for the Women of Faith event being held there. I wanted to take Mallory up there to introduce her to many of my co-workers. Mallory had recieved a really cute pink and black dress and I put it on her for the first time Friday night and I Loved it! Mallory, however, was not a fan at first. I just think she wasn't used to wearing something like the tutu but she warmed up to it!

I love this pic of us together. Look at those cheeks!

I really wanted to get a picture of her in her dress but this is really what she did instead:

She wasn't up for pictures so I gave her the paci and compromised with this:

We had a great time visiting with all my friends. I think Mallory was so exhuasted from being carried around and showed off to people that she was very ready to go at the end of the night. She slept very good Friday night.

Saturday morning, we went to Grandy's to eat breakfast with Brian's family to celebrate his grandfather's birthday! After that, we ran to Target to get a gift card for a wedding reception we had to go to that afternoon.

Brian's old roommate, Cory, got married in a small ceremony on August 6 in Colorado and they had a reception for he and his wife, Rachel, Saturday afternoon.

Isn't that cake beautiful? Cory had a chocolate Dallas Mavericks cake. We didn't stay long though because Mallory was very tired and it was time for her nap. We went in to say congrats to Cory & Rachel and then headed home.

Brian headed to see the Texas Rangers play Saturday night so Mallory and I just hung out and relaxed. I know I've talked about her rolling over but I got to see her do it for the first time Saturday night and loved it! She wasn't swaddled this time either. She just sticks her bottom up in the air and them pushes herself over - so cute!

Sunday, was indeed a day of rest! I went to my bible study with a group of ladies that I LOVE! God knew I would need them now and this moment and I appreciate their prayers and encouragement! It's great to have it on a Sunday night so I can prepare myself to be ready for what the week holds!

And, that's it - our Weekend-Wrap up! I hope you had a good weekend and have an even more wonderful week! God Loves You and is Always there for YOU!


Josh and Shan said...

She looks adorable in that dress!

I chilled at home by myself on Saturday night too with a movie!

Lyndsey said...

What a cute little outfit! She's going to have to just get used to big frilly dresses I guess :)

And I agree, I take SO many photos with my iphone that I wouldn't capture if I had to go hunt down my real camera.